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Check your balance

Enter your rental agreement/tenancy reference number and date of birth to retrieve your current public housing account balance. Note the balance may not be up to date if a payment has been made recently.



Paying your rent or maintenance

To pay your rent or maintenance:

  • use phone or internet banking with the BPay Biller Code 747 337 and the 15 digit customer reference number on your repayment card
  • choose for your rent to be deducted from your Centrelink payment, Department of Veteran’s Affairs payment, or your bank account, or
  • use your repayment card to pay at any Australia Post office.

If you don’t have your repayment card, you can get this information online.

Get your repayment details

If you are having trouble making repayments, contact your Housing Service Centre.

More information about how to pay your rent.

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